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Planning a vacation overseas? Your job includes international travel or assignments overseas? Click Tell Me More to learn how to use the Gateway International Insurance Plans to meet your unique needs.

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The Gateway Plans offer solutions for special insurance needs when traveling abroad. They are available to members, their families and associates.
Gateway Plans are useful in many situations, and particularly when existing coverage is limited, during international business or leisure travel; when participating in academic, business or cultural exchange activities; or for employees, contract workers or consultants on international assignments.
All plans offer combined insurance and services, such as coverage for accident and illness medical expenses, transportation expenses associated with medical evacuation and repatriation, indemnity in event of accidental death or dismemberment, and worldwide travel and medical assistance services.Depending on the plan selected, other features and options are available.
There are five distinct plans in the Gateway portfolio:

  • Gateway INTERNATIONAL — short-term coverage for up to 180 days during travel anywhere except to the United States;
  • Gateway PLUS — expatriate personal property and liability insurance during an international employment assignment;
  • Gateway PREMIER — longer term coverage for travel or work assignments abroad for 6 or more consecutive months for up to 5 years;
  • Gateway GLOBAL — can cover multiple short-term or extended trips abroad offering primary coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation and a variety of other options;
  • Gateway USA — short-term coverage for up to 18 months for non-U.S. citizens participating in exchange activities such as business, academic, cultural, research, training, seminars;
  • Gateway VISIT AMERICA — short-term coverage for up to 6 months for foreign nationals visiting the U.S. for leisure or personal travel.

Notes Available to members and their families.
Type of Insurance Accident and Medical
Designed For Members who travel, reside or work outside their home country
Underwritten by Member Companies of the American General

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