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You can help protect your family against the increasing cost of long term care with customized protection through ROA's Long Term Care Resources Network. Use this FREE, no-obligation service to evaluate your needs, custom-design a long term care insurance plan to help pay for nursing home care, home health care and adult day care and receive personalized quotes.

Call 1-800-882-6035 for more information.

The ROA-endorsed Long Term Care Insurance Program offers these benefits:

  • A Cost-Effective Way To Help Preserve The Assets You've Worked So Hard To Build: People are now living longer.¹ Unfortunately, as people reach these increased ages, there is an increased risk of chronic health problems and a greater need for some form of long term care.
  • Better Manage How Your Future Long Term Care Needs Are Met: Long term care insurance can help pay for the covered ongoing long term care costs that can occur as you get older.
  • Available To Members And Their Families: You, your spouse, your parents, and parents-in-law may apply for this coverage.
  • Build A Plan To Meet Your Needs And Fit Your Budget: Choose from many daily benefit options, the length of benefit payments and the elimination period before your benefit payments begin. Inflation protection options may also be available.
    Compare the benefits rates and other options of several highly rated long term care providers. The Long Term Care Resources Network available ROA members like you, can help you to decide which plan is benefit for you.
  • Pays Benefits During Covered Nursing Home Stays
  • Home and Community Care Coverage Is Also Available

Don't Wait To Apply:

The fact is, age is a key element to consider when you are weighing the costs of Long Term Care insurance. Each year you wait could cost you more money, and a change in your health status may keep you from qualifying.

1Administration of Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A Profile of Older Americans: 2009.

In connection with the endorsement and the service provided, ROA will receive a royalty payment.

This Web site should be considered an advertisement and is not a contract. Products and Services mentioned in this website may not be available in all states.

ROA offers members access to an interactive and educational long-term care evaluation tool, www.myltcplan.com/roa.

This tool will help you work to make the best buying decisions for your specific situation, find out information about the need for long-term care insurance and discover the cost of care in your area. Also, this tool will enable members to determine if they are pre-qualified for long-term care coverage as well as provide the ability to submit for a no-obligation quote!

LTC Planning Tool

Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

The cost for nursing home private room care varies by state. To learn more simply call 1-800-882-6035.

If you are thinking of waiting to purchase long term care insurance coverage, consider the impact of waiting:

  • Increases the risk of being ineligible for insurance
  • Decreases the overall time you have long term care insurance coverage
  • Can increase the overall cost of coverage because premium rates increase with age

Waiting delays covering your long term care risk and can cost you money.

While many people think the federal government pays for long term care expenses, nationally, over 25 percent of all nursing home expenses are paid out-of-pocket by individuals and their families. Neither Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance nor the major medical health insurance provided by employers is designed to pay for long term care expenses.

We're here to help! Please contact us in whatever manner is most convenient for you.

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LTC Planning Tool

Visit an interactive and educational long term care evaluation tool to assist you with your long term care planning.

LTC Planning Tool

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