Student Loan Refinancing

Student Loan Refinancing  


Seventy percent of college grads currently hold diplomas that came with confusing, expensive loans that will take decades to pay off. That’s why your employer has partnered with CommonBond, a leading student lender, to bring you student loan benefits.


Through refinancing, CommonBond takes costly student loans and replaces them with a smarter, single loan at a lower interest rate. This allows members to save money each month or pay off their student debt faster. Aside from great savings, CommonBond is known for its award-winning customer service and quick and easy application process.


Here’s what you get when you choose to refinance your student loans with CommonBond:

  • You, your family members and friends receive a $200 cash bonus when refinancing.1
  • CommonBond offers leading protections including 24 months of forbearance and up to 6 months of payment postponement.
  • There are no origination fees, no application fees and no prepayment penalties.
  • For every loan CommonBond funds, they also fund the education of a child in the developing world.
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